Maria Paula Salas

Paula is an integral artist who was born in Bogotá (Colombia), with Italian background, currently living in New York City. 

Paula is the owner and creative director of ART La Bloise, a pre production, production and post production company and brand capable of providing artistic skills, on film and tv, fashion editorial and advertising work to brand consulting, product development and establishment. Productions, professional makeup, sfx makeup and hair service, artistic photography, portrait photography, street photography, set photography, scouting location, casting, casting assistant, magazine content, music videos, TV shows, film and video, commercial, documentaries, interviews, theater and corporative and personal images. Her works fluctuates in the Entertainment, film, fashion and beauty Industry. 

Creative visions and authentic, communication with clients, a developed sense of individual work, and team work are part of her strong capacities. Sensitive, and an excellent communicator, able to handle pressure under tight deadlines with multitasking abilities. 

Paula (aka La Bloise) started developing her artistic skills at an early age, while she was still in school. She start painting at an early age inspired by Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Klim, Kandinsky and others. Encouraged by her endless curiosity in life, she started trying to translate her visions in her world between painting, toying and recycle with colors and textures, learning and communicating and growing through her own vocabulary. 

She studied visual arts, where she got deeply involved with painting, colors and photography, witch she studied straight after. To broaden her knowledge, Paula traveled to Cuba and Europe, where she worked in street photography and fashion photography, landscape, portraiture and spaces. She collaborate on her first editorial as a makeup artist in Cuba, La Habana in 2009.  "Everyday is a day to experiment and create".


Netflix, Mit'u, Croket, HBO, Kafman Studio, Amazon Prime, Star Media, The New York Film Academy, Ido American Art Center, Little Blondie films, Titan Studios, Know body creative, House studios, and more. Worked with amazing talents and artist like Peter Greene, Rosie Perez, The Captain Twins, Emelia Brown, Pablo Escobar, Claudio Stamelltuni, Nikkita Lee, "MOTHER HANDS",  and others. As a photographer and make up artist working and collaborating with different designers: Grace Edwards, Rainbow,  Pregadeus, Vocé studio, Crown, Note cosmetic, Ovensecret, Nepal, Industrial Glam, The Feather place, and more. Collaborating for different model Agencies in New York like @Wilheminamodels (NY), @qmodels, @vnymodels, @silentmodel, @Majormodelsny.


Thank you: Hernesto Linneman

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